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For almost 40 years, Mick worked to make New Mexico a great place to raise a family. Through his construction company, he made communities better, provided good-paying jobs, and helped our newest generation start their careers.

Mick was instrumental in starting one of the first charter high schools in Albuquerque, as well as multiple apprenticeship programs. As a business leader, he served on multiple boards to attract good paying jobs to New Mexico. He served New Mexico's Labor Commission to support employees and employers. He helped non-profits serve the disadvantaged members of our community.

Despite the efforts of Mick and many community leaders like him, New Mexico continues to rank near the bottom of all states. We under-perform all of our bordering states in the Southwest. El Paso is the sixth-safest city in the country, but Albuquerque is the eighth-most dangerous. Texas has grown 14 percent, while New Mexico has grown less than two percent. We are falling behind. Our elected officials in Washington have failed us.

Mick ran two campaigns for U.S. Senate because New Mexicans deserve a Senator who will put them first. He continues to work to make America a better place to raise our families.